Working with Sarah is fun! Sarah is very approachable, very, very friendly and not judgmental. She reminds me of things I’ve been saying in the past, linking things I’ve been talking about and – despite the fact that I talk a lot – she puts a structure around it so we can say “Okay, this is what we’re working on” and gives me some activities to help work on it. And those activities help me approach situations I’m struggling with – not always perfectly, but then I might realise something else I need to work on. 

She helps me realise things I hadn’t realised before. Our coaching has helped me put words to things I didn’t know how to describe. It’s like through the sessions, I get to express those things somehow – and that’s been awesome. It gives me a different perspective on what I think, how I read the situation and helps me understand more about myself, the environment I live in, and the strategies I could use to get a better outcome. 

For me, that means I feel less stressed, and have a clearer idea of where my boundaries are, where other people’s boundaries are and which things they have to be responsible for (as opposed to me being responsible for them). That has been a big learning for me. 

All that has helped me set up my targets – and even if I don’t achieve them all (because it’s always a work in progress), it helps me to understand what I need to do to achieve them – and whether I really want to do what I need to achieve them. 

I’m more aware of my real needs, and how to meet them. And also how to be more relaxed with whatever comes. Because it kind of gives you confidence – knowing that whatever is going on, instead of going “Argh” and getting stuck in the feelings and staff, I can be more like….”Okay, how can we move forward on this? What can I do? What is the position of that person? Why is that person behaving like this? Why I am feeling like that?”

And when I start to ask those questions, it increases my ability to analyze things. Sometimes when something happens that you don’t expect, you feel stressed. And now I’m more able to manage that stress by focussing on “How can I fix this?” more than “Oh my God, oh my God, I’m feeling this!!” 

It means I’ve had a lot more sex! 


I find coaching with Sarah satisfying. It’s like, as we talk, I don’t know what the process of getting from A to B is. I don’t know how to begin the conversation or what the middle of it should look like and how the end should be. But she does – so although I’m doing most of the talking – she’s guiding the conversation. So it’s comforting and relaxing. 

It’s a little bit like a massage for your brain – like when you’re getting a sports massage, and somebody is moving the muscles around until they get to this particular one that needs to get dealt with. And it’s like that but for your brain – I can come along and say there’s a whole bunch of things going on, then we’ll work on one for today. 

Coaching helps you get your mind in order. To examine things that need to be examined and taken to a logical conclusion. It’s helped me to rationalize more of my thoughts but also to find opportunities to take action too. Before, it was harder for me to do that and to stay on track – and not get distracted and fall into a black hole. 

It’s also given me freedom to explore ideas, and to be heard – and to hear myself. Left to my own devices, I’d probably just go off like a firework. Sarah helps me structure my thoughts, so I am learning how to think, or interacting in a way that helps me to think better. 

It’s almost like your life is a dissertation, right? And with the coaching, you get assistance to figure out what question you’re trying to ask, or what problem you’re trying to solve. It’s like you have a lecturer guiding you through the process of doing your thesis – how it works, giving your abstract, knowing your findings. And that’s it! 

Where somebody has challenges of keeping it together – I mean in terms of starting somewhere and going from A to B, it’s having the support and assistance to get you from where you are to where you want to be, discovering where you want to be, and figuring out how to get there from where you are.

It’s cathartic. And Sarah is charmingly empathetic. 



Working with Sarah helps me to be clear about what is going on in my life and the changes I can make. It helps me understand myself and organize my thoughts on what is going on in my life. It’s like that voice, which we all have inside, comes out and becomes more real as I share it. It’s like I’m listening to myself again – and it helps me to think and structure my thoughts. It helps me to recognise the things that are worrying me – or that are significant in my life. As we talk, we make connections between things which seemed at the beginning like they weren’t connected.

I want to say it was providential – I can’t, because I don’t believe in God! But what I mean is that having coaching during the coronavirus pandemic has been very, very important. It’s helped me to be able to go through it with more serenity and clarity, to have someone to talk about what I was feeling or what I was facing. 

All that serenity, all that time, has helped me think better about what I’m going through, to organize my thinking – and the consequences of my thinking – and what I’m living, how I solve problems and how I look for solutions. 

It really helps me in the day to day of life now. I am more aware of the things that happen, and what I can do about them, or how much I just need to accept. It really helps me [handle] everything with more calm and serenity, especially in this time. It reinforces the good things I’m doing or the decisions I’m taking and it relieves the more difficult ones. 


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