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If you’re wondering what coaching is about, I offer introductory, no-obligation calls which include a short coaching session. Email to try it out. 

My approach

Coaches vary a lot – so here are a few words about my approach and how it works:

  • It’s a space for you to get clear on what’s going on and what your best next steps are

  • It’s not about me giving you advice – it’s about you discovering what you really think. In coaching, your own thoughts get room to breathe, and you get to trust your own instincts more – or be challenged…

  • It’s confidential and non-judgemental.

  • I use a range of questions and approaches to help you get where you want to be. (If you’re into models and psychology, these include: Cognitive Behavioural Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Narrative Coaching, Clean Language, Non Violent Communication and others).

  • It’s a partnership – the space works best when you want to change something. You don’t need to even know what exactly that is, but being up for change is the main thing. What I do is to structure the sessions, ask tailored questions and hold up a mirror so that you can see yourself and your situation more clearly. 

  • It is often fun! You might not expect that, as coaching is a space for tackling tough issues. But it also often includes laughter – something about being listened to, having lightbulb moments, realising there is a hopeful way forward is can often release relief, recognition and joy.

  • Your work also helps others. The money I earn through coaching supports Crux, a social enterprise which I co-founded and run. Crux helps people and communities in North London through conflict. 

  • Qualifications: I trained with Animas, a world-leading coaching school which specialises in transformational life coaching. 


After an initial taster session, you can decide whether to begin with an initial block of 6 sessions, usually one every two weeks, but sometimes weekly. We’ll begin by unpacking what you are currently facing, and then spend sessions 2-5 exploring alternative ways forward. In session 6, we’ll focus on how you can sustain change after the coaching has ended, or whether you would like to continue. I also offer less regular “top up” sessions after the 6 sessions.

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Want to hear what it's like?

Reading what my clients say can help you get an idea of what coaching with me is like. Your experience will be different and unique, because you are unique. So you can also get in touch for a taster session if you’d like to try it out for yourself .