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Healthy leadership

Become the leader you want to follow

Increase your confidence, clarity and the quality of your decision making, so that your organisation can thrive.

I’m passionate about helping people lead in a way which feels like them, does the job (excellently), doesn’t shy away from the hard things and doesn’t burn them out.

From political leaders to social entrepreneurs, none of the leaders I’ve worked with have been short on passion. But without time to reflect and refine how you can best lead, you can end up:

andrew-neel-cckf4TsHAuw-unsplash (1)
  • running from one thing to the next
  • avoiding the tough conversations
  • feeling increasingly stressed
  • losing sight of what you came here to do

When what you want is to see you and your organisation succeed.

You have choices over how you lead. Coaching can help you become the leader you want to be, without it taking over your life.

How it works

  1. Book an introductory call to see if coaching feels right for you
  2. Unpack your biggest challenges as a leader over 6 sessions
  3. Use what you’ve learnt to create long lasting change. (You can of course also continue with coaching – either in a block or with top up sessions when you need them.)

Reduce anxiety, think more clearly and make decisions which deliver the best outcomes for you and your organisation.

Book an intro call

Find out whether coaching is right for you (no obligation) 

Why invest in coaching when there is so much else to do?

  • It works. Humans are built in a way that means when we spend time reflecting with someone else, we can see more clearly – and that produces results. 
  • It feels good. Really! It’s cathartic to have a space to offload and discover solutions.
  • It helps everyone. It’s not selfish and it’s not a waste of time. When you are operating at your best, your organisation will too.
  • It helps you become your version of a leader – not somebody else’s, so you can lead with more confidence.
  • It’s transferable – it’s highly likely that skills you learn through leadership coaching will help you in another area of your life.
  • It’s usually less lonely, more enjoyable and quicker than trying to work out something on your own. 

Book an intro call