If you’ve got questions or just want to find out more, I’d love to speak with you. 

You can email me ( or text me (07982198891). If you’re wondering if this will turn into a heavy-handed, high pressured sales call, it won’t. (Yes, they make my skin crawl too). I want to make sure this is worth your time and investment as much as you do. 

To help you work that out, I invite interested people to intro calls, where we’ll 

  • explore what you’d like to get out of coaching
  • experience a 20m taster session
  • describe what working with me would be like
  • answer any questions you have 

But if you want to ask a few quick questions first, feel free to email! 

Price-wise, the proceeds from my coaching go towards supporting Crux, a social enterprise I co-founded and run. The investment you make in your own growth also circles back round to help other people.

But I don’t want price to be a barrier, so I do offer a number of subsidised coaching sessions – don’t let it stop you getting in touch.

Read more about my approach.

Book an intro call

Find out whether coaching is right for you (it’s free, no strings attached or awkwardness attached)