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If you’ve got questions or just want to find out more, I’d love to speak with you. 

You can email me ( or text me (07982198891). If you’re wondering if this will turn into a heavy-handed, high pressured sales call, it won’t. (Yes, they make my skin crawl too). I want to make sure this is worth your time and investment as much as you do. 

To help you work that out, I invite interested people to intro calls, where we’ll 

  • explore what you’d like to get out of coaching
  • experience a 20m taster session
  • describe what working with me would be like
  • answer any questions you have  


I charge £45/session, which goes towards supporting Crux, a social enterprise I co-founded and run. 

I offer a number of subsidised coaching sessions – so don’t let money stop you getting in touch. 

Read more about my approach.

A head shot of Sarah Hutt

Book an intro call

Find out whether coaching is right for you (it’s free, no strings attached or awkwardness attached)